Read carefully the conditions, rights and obligations for renting a bicycle.

If you already know what kind of bike you want, you can select from the bikes on the following link ...
Otherwise, you can visit us personally and our employees will help you with the selection.


  • Address: Karpos Complex A lok.3, 7000 Bitola
  • Phone: +389 47 232 103

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How to rent a bike: 

  1. Fill out the contact form to check the availability of the desired bike and to make an reservation (list of bikes...).
  2. If the bike is available, we will inform you about the pick up / delivery location.
  3. Leave a valid ID as deposit (or cash 80% of the bike price)
  4. Helmets and locks are included!

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  • You are responsible for the bike you rent. 
  • Bikes should be always stored safely and locked.
  • If you park your bike, even for 1 minute, lock it!
  • If your bike is stolen, you have to pay the price of a new bike. 
  • Bikes are only suited for carrying maximum one person
  • If you bring back the bike damaged, you have to pay for the repair
  • All bikes have good tires, but if you get a flat it is at your own risk, and at your own cost.
  • Baby seats can be rented (please reserve first)
  • Mind your safety, you are responsible for it!
  • We are no way responsible for your safety or any accident that may happen to the renter or the bike, and we carry no liability whatsoever.
  • Payments can only be done in cash or with credit card.



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