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weclome to krklinoBoris Tanevski and his Family invites you to Auto and Ethno Museum "Filip" in Krklino only 5km from Bitola!!!

The Antique Museum "Filip" contains large collection of antique cars including: Simca Ariane from 1953, Opel Olympia, Ford Taunus, Peugot  404, Plymouth Valiant, Moskvic, Fiko Zastava, Volkswagen Bug, Citroen, 24  motorbikes six decades old in a great condition such as BMW, DKW, NSU, MAKS etc.

In addition of the Etno Museum rooms contains of village room, urban room, Jewish room аnd antique souvenir room. Weapon Short Austrian Remington 1864, American then gun, saber and knife, variety of Music instruments such as organ 200+ years old, accordion, bagpipe, traditional drum, zurla and collection of old tradition clothes from different regions of macedonia.



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Antique Cars

Antique Cars - Auto and Ethno Museum Filip

Antique Cars


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Аntiques - Auto and Ethno Museum Filip


Jewish Room

Jewish Room - Auto and Ethno Museum Filip

Jewish Room